Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon 2013

Well, I ran my second half marathon ever just 15 days after my first. Overall I feel a lot better then the first one. My right knee started bothering me when we entered Cherokee Park and hit the hills and it continued through the large part of the race. I had to alternate walking and running for a little while solely based on my knee. I’m a little concerned about it, but it numbed up by the 12 mile mark and I finished strong.


My final time was much worse than I wanted, 2:22:49. It placed me in 1,311 place out of 1,947. I’ll take it. I have many goals by spring , including sub 2:00:00 mark for a half.

The Finisher’s medals were nicely done.

Left to Right: Me and George Jetter. George and I have been long time friends and use to work alongside each other. George is motivating me with marathons under his belt.

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