Cracking the Running Code

“Cracking the Running Code”

This week’s #BibChat was sponsored by Mizuno Running USA and the topic was “Cracking the Running Code”.  During #BibChat, questions were posed that were designed to determine why you run. It was amazing to the not only the wide variety of responses, but also those who were similar. #BibChat was very active last night and had a lot of new “faces”,  which is crazy exciting. One of the best parts was watching @JenKirk72 win a pair of Mizuno Enigma 5 shoes ($149.99 value) in only her second #BibChat. Two others were lucky enough to win Enigma 5s and seemed equally enthusiastic. If that is not reason enough to participate in #BibChat, I’m not sure what is.

Mizuno Enigma5


Breaking the Code Within

Q: When did you first feel like you “got” running? When did running start to really make sense for you?

Q: What are your favorite sources of running tips and tricks?

Q: How do you go about finding the elusive “ideal” running shoes?

Q: What part of running are you most confused/surprised that you actually like?

Q: What day to day problems does running help you solve?

Q: What remains the most puzzling aspect of running for you?

If you missed #BibChat, definitely take the time to look over the questions.

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Did You Know: Women are more likely to hit negative splits.


Have a great running week!


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